How To Attract Child In Learning With Joy.

As parents we expect our children to do well in all spheres of life. However, we may put our child under the burden of unnecessary expectations. These expectations may sometimes create an aversion to studies. you can encourage your child to study without causing a protest. Let your child know you believe in him or her. Talk, sing, and read with your child. Involve your extended family. you give some time to your kid to watch TV. and also play with your child. The following article explains how to make your child interested in studying with joy.

1. Sit With Your Child:

The best thing that you can do as a parent for motivating your kid to study is by sitting with him when he sits studying. and One of the most common activities used to warm up is writing. So, before your kid starts learning, tell them to write some points taught in their previous class. This will help them to recall some important topics.

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2. Physical activities:

Some kids may lose focus and feel sleepy when reading. So, to improve kids’ focus and attention, make them involved in physical activity like “super brain yoga”. It refreshes kids’ minds and physic and energizes them. However, you can give other activities like hand-clapping, marches, and aerobic exercise classes.
Bicycle riding (stationary or on a path) Some gardening activities, such as raking and pushing a lawnmower

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3. Create an Environment for Studying:

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Make sure there are no distractions such as loud noises, television, another sibling playing, etc. in the close vicinity of where your child sits for studying. A child has an extremely low attention span and may get easily distracted and loses interest in studies. Good Room Lighting, Use Natural Light When Possible, A Comfortable Chair, Eliminate and/or Reduce Distractions, Clean the Study Area. Have students complete interest inventories or surveys. Have students complete learning style and personality assessments. Hold regular class meetings. Play team-building games with students.

4. Fix the Storytelling time for the child:

Storytelling is a human art form that teaches about the human experience. As such, subjects even like math and science, History, are not outside the world of human experience or the art of storytelling. so fix the storytelling time with your child and Stimulate story ideas by asking direct questions about emotionally charged experiences that resolved well. For example, ask “What was the best present you ever got?” When they start telling, help them elaborate the story by gently asking for details. Tell them you want to see the story in your imagination. it’s my own experience.

5. Listen to Their Opinion:

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It is very important to listen to and respect your child’s opinions even if at times you feel he is incorrect. Letting your kid voice his opinion on various subjects helps to build his confidence. Tell your kid to give proper reasoning for his arguments as well. Children will like it if they realize that parents feel their opinion is important. Parents need not necessarily agree with the children but can at least give a patient hearing. If you listen to your child, it will help him become a better communicator and help him express his feelings more clearly

6. Avoid Lecturing child:

Every parent makes a mistake by forcing kids to do their best. At some point, kids seem it as lecturing. This may distract the kid and lead to a lack of interest in learning. Give clear instruction to your child rather than manipulating or threatening to read. When a child needs to brush their teeth or get dressed, instead of lecturing, just say, “Toothbrush” or “School clothes.” It guides them without telling them, making it more likely to get compliance the first time. We humans don’t like losing power and control, so this is a simple way to give it back to your children.

7. Create a Group activity for your child:

When a kid learns alone, they will understand things from their perspective. But if a kid is allowed to learn in a group, they may get some new information. It will trigger the kid’s interest in learning. Also, it will help them in developing communication skills and critical thinking. So, get involved in the group learning session.

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8. Conclusion:

Don’t let your kid feel stressed if you wish to improve your kid’s interest in learning. Try including the tips listed above to attract your kids’ learning.

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