5 Myths in Brahmin Matrimonial Celebrations

Celebrations and myths are always in sync with Brahmin matrimonial weddings. Though some of them are extremely hilarious while others can totally play with our peace of mind. Decide what to follow and where to break the cycle!

The paragraphs below are a discussion of the same to entertain you with the funny and annoying myths about Brahmin matrimonial weddings. Keep reading to know!

No Black or White Clothes

Most Families in Brahmin matrimonial weddings deny any black or white-colored clothes for the brides and grooms. Black and White are one of the most loved and chosen colors otherwise. It is also among the favorite of today’s generation people and their wardrobe is full of clothes of the same color. It cannot be fair to deny the use of the favorite color of someone on their most important day. In fact, white color is the color of peace and harmony and is even worn by the brides in Christian weddings. So, naturally, the Universe does not have different rules for different people according

to their religion. It is all implanted in our brains by the conditioning and teachings from society. However, you can go with the belief if it satisfies your parents and does not cause any major harm to you.

Brides in Veil

As long as it makes you look lovely, it’s fine. However, the significance of the veil is not limited to beauty in Brahmin marriages. Instead, it is everything related to subordination and suppression of women’s equality in society.  Brahmin women pull veil (Ghunghat) from every senior man in their family. It is apparently a ‘show of respect’ for the senior male members of the family.

So, why are the tradition and this gesture of respect are limited to women? It shall go both ways, right? This will only make the ‘tradition’ even and fair. So, as long as no male members are hiding their faces from aged women, there is no believable logic for this myth.

Cry During Bidaai

This is another hilarious myth in Brahmin matrimonial marriage. The bride is expected to cry their heart out while leaving their paternal home. Really?

Most youngsters today have left their homes long back before marriage for higher studies and jobs. Still, most brides cry during their Bidaai at weddings. But judging those who don’t is absolutely gross!

For many girls, marriage is the most special day of their lives and they finally get a chance to be with their soulmates forever. Why would people cry about it when both her parents and her betterhalf are just a call away, no matter wherever she lives?

Groom’s Mother Can’t Attend the Wedding

This is one of the most annoying myths of all time. It is considered a bad omen for the groom’s mother to attend the wedding. It is said that the evil eye of a mother can be cast on a groom if she attends the marriage of her son. It is one of the reasons that mothers don’t accompany their sons for Baarat as well. Isn’t it shocking?

Mothers are the bringer of happiness and positivity in life. There cannot be a better well-wisher of a person than their mothers. After the excruciating pain of 9 months and lifetime responsibilities, mothers are considered unfit to watch their children get married!!

Henna Color to Determine Bonds

Brahmins believe, that the darker the henna color, the stronger the bond between grooms and brides.

So, logically going, one need not do any background check or dating before going for a lifetime alliance with a partner. Instead, one can apply henna and conveniently decide the depth of their relationship after an hour or two with a henna color! Easy, isn’t it? But is it that easy or logical at all? This is for us to decide. However, as long as the myth is not hurting anyone’s religious or moral sentiments, there is no problem following it.

These are some of the beliefs attached to an Indian or brahmin matrimonial celebration.  However, there is no end to it and there are many such irrelevant myths and beliefs. But it is entirely upon the educated mass of the society to learn and unlearn a few things for the betterment and development of the society.

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