Five unconventional uses for your beard oil

Men are becoming self-conscious. So many men have started to take care of their health and body. And it’s excellent to see. Because not only women but men also should look after themselves. It’s one kind of self-love.

So when we are talking about men’s grooming and fitness, undoubtedly, the beard comes. Beard is one of the parts of men’s bodies that make them look attractive. And not only men but women also love men who have voluminous beards.

But growing a healthy and thick beard isn’t easy for all. Some men have a genetically thick and voluminous beard. But not everyone has that genetics. To grow a beard, you must follow a proper diet routine and beard care regime. The diet should be full of nutrients and vitamins, which help in beard growth. And in the beard care regime, you need beard care-related products like beard oil, beard wash, beard growth oil, etc.

Most of you may know the benefits of beard oils in beard, but did you know there are other benefits it can provide?

So you are not just buying a beard oil, but a rounder oil that will work in many ways and save you money and time. Have curiosity about the benefits? Don’t worry; we will solve the doubts and questions in this blog.

Unconventional uses of beard oil

You knew beard oils are effective only for the face until you read this blog. As they are made for skin and beard hair, they can be applied to any part of the body. Beard growth oil is also the same. The main difference between beard oil and the beard growth oil is that beard oil targets dry and flaky skin and rough beard hair, whereas beard growth oil targets beard growth.

However, both beard and beard growth oils are made with pure and essential oil, which not only help to lock the skin’s moisture but also soothe and calm down the skin. And if you have any skin irritation, it will help cure that. Men have tough skin compared to women and babies; men should use products specially made for men.

Let’s see how and where you can use your beard oils.


Men usually face razor cuts, which are the result of dry and rough beard hair and skin. When the beard is not well moisturized, it becomes hard and rough; that’s why it becomes hard to glide the razor through the skin. The razor blade is also the reason. But to avoid this problem, you should look after your skin and beard as well as the razor.

Before shaving, clean your face with a good beard/face wash and rinse that off with warm water. This will help the pores to open. Then take 2 to 3 drops of beard or beard growth oil and gently massage it on the face. Massage for 1 to 2 minutes, apply the shaving cream and use your razor. You can see the result on your own. And after completing shaving, the skin will discover a different type of glow.

Antiseptic ointment: 

Beard oils are made with pure and natural oils. They have neem oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, tulsi oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and so many more, which are equally beneficial as a healing ointment. So if there are any cuts, allergies, insect bites, and anything like that, take out the oil and apply as required. It will heal that area, give you relief, and kill bacteria and germs, which will help prevent further infection.

Cuticle oil: 

Men have dry and rough hands, and lack of care makes the situation worse. And it affects the cuticle of the nails making the nails look patchy. To treat the cuticle, vitamin E is best. And some beard oils have Vitamin E oil. So if you buy beard oil enriched with vitamin E oil, it will help you take care of your nails.

It’s best to use this at night, as at night, our body heals. After taking a shower or washing both hands and legs, use one drop of beard oil on each finger and see the difference in a few days.

Hair mask:

As beard and beard growth oils are made for beard hair, they will go for the head hair. Beard growth oil is specially made for beard growth and can be used to grow head hair. Beard oils can make the hair smooth and soft and lock the moisture. Our head hair needs moisturization and nourishment too.

Do this maximum of two days a week. Best if you do it on weekends because on weekends we have a lot of time and a fresh mind. So this process can be a soothing treatment. Take beard oil and layer it up with oil. At first, take 4 to 5 drops and massage it through the scalp with the help of fingertips. Do it for 5 minutes. Then again, take some falls and massage through the scalp. Then wait for 30 minutes so that the oil goes deeper into the scalp, and then wash it off with a natural and gentle hair shampoo. After washing the hair, dry it with natural air, and then see the result.

Manscaping oil:

There are other body parts in men’s bodies that need shaving, like the chest, underarms, neck, ears, nose, and private areas. These are sensitive areas compared to other exposed body parts. That’s why they need extra care as our face needs while shaving. Other-wise, irritation and rashes occur.

Take some drops as required before and after shaving those parts, and use oil to make the hair soft and well moisturized so the razor can smoothly run and you don’t have to face any harsh cuts. Also, make sure to use a good quality razor. And using oil after shaving soothes and calms the skin and fights germs causing rashes.

Are all beard oils good?

The real question is, are all beard oils good and effective? The answer is no.

Many brands in the market use toxins and cheap ingredients in the name of natural and ayurvedic products.

But some brands can be trustable. Such as the Man code. They have varieties of products specially made for men grooming and styling. And they are all natural and pure. How are we so sure about their products? Because of their customer reviews. Not only beard products but the body, hair, and skincare products.

Man code has a wide range of beard oils filled with pure and natural oils like coconuts, vitamin E, orange, rosemary clove, nutmegs, tea tree and geranium, eucalyptus, lemon grass, and many more. All these ingredients are so good for the skin and beard.

Check out all their products on their websites and get special discounts. 

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