Mesmerising Beauty Of Prashar Lake Trek


Prashar Lake Climb is the ideal weekend vacation; from stunning scenery to a modest refreshing journey, this trek has it all.

Prashar Lake is located in Kullu Valley and is surrounded by the Dhauladhar hills. Prashar Lake, located in the Himachal Pradesh district of Mandi, is a well-kept secret. The route takes you through a forest and various rivulets. Meanwhile, as the route passes through communities, visitors may experience local culture. The trek’s highlight is a 180-degree panorama of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges.


The little lake, lush trees, gorgeous temple, chilly weather, birds singing, and distant snow-capped mountains provide wonderful picturesque natural beauty. It is ideal for getting away for a few days from the hectic city life and spending time in the quiet and tranquillity of the hills.

The first pathway leads along a terrain filled with stones and water streams. Crossing the streams requires caution since the stones remain slippery. After around a half-kilometer stretch, you will reach the forest, when the true trip begins. The entire walk is hard and uphill, passing through a deep forest. After around 5 kilometers of uphill walking, you will arrive at a tiny meadow.

Altitude ranges from 6,050 ft (1,844 m) to 8,900 ft (2,713 m)

The grade is moderate. A 500-meter steep rise is followed by a 4-kilometer gentle incline. Another 300-meter elevation, followed by a gentle stroll.

The Best Way to Get to Parashar Lake

  • Prashar Lake is accessible from two main sites in Himachal Pradesh:
  • Mandi, Bijani, Kamand, Baggi, and Prashar Lake (50 Kms)
    Kullu, Bhuntar, Bajaura, Shayari, Bagi, and Prashar Lake (65 km)
  • Mandi is around 430 kilometers from Delhi and 187 kilometers from Chandigarh, whilst Kullu is roughly 498 kilometers from Delhi.
  • The path takes the same amount of time whether you start from Kullu or Mandi to reach the trek’s beginning point, Baggi village. 
  • I should mention that you may drive farther ahead of Baggi to shorten your walk, or you can hike through the forests to Prashar Lake from Baggi.

Weather in Prashar Lake

  • Because this walk may be done throughout the year, the weather at Prashar Lake will be identical to the weather in the Mandi region, from snow-laden winter months to showers and brilliant sunshine-filled days.

Activities Near Prashar Lake Shopping in Mandi

  • Who doesn’t enjoy mountain shopping? Mandi is the starting point for various spectacular Himachal Pradesh attractions such as Rewalsar, Parashar, and Barot. In Mandi, you can buy anything from sarees to tableware. 
  • The greatest thing to do here is to go to one of the nearby hill stations and rest. Learn more about what to do in Mandi.

Temple of Bijli Mahadev

  • Bijli Mahadev is a holy shrine on a hill in Kullu with a stunning view of the Paravati Valley. You’re probably wondering what the name of this temple is. Well, you know what? This lovely building has some much-needed history—as the name implies, it is known as the Temple of Lightning.

In Barot Valley, you may camp under the stars.

  • Camping in the Barot Valley is well-known! Camping in Barot is the most popular weekend escape for families and businesses from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Barot is located in the Himachal Pradesh district of Mandi at an elevation of 6,100 feet.
  •  It is roughly 260 kilometers (8 hours) from Chandigarh and 200 kilometers from Pathankot, nestled away in the middle of dense cedar and oak forests. Set in the Indian Himalayas, surrounded by lush pine forests and long forested slopes of Deodar, Pine, Oak, and Rhododendron forests.

When is the best time of year to visit Prashar Lake?

  • Although this walk may be done at any time of year, January and February are considered the finest months to complete it because the lake is virtually frozen and covered with snow. 
  • Something is alluring about being in pristine hills, with the snowy white blanket adorning everything in sight and the chill in the air making you feel all the more alive.
  • As the route passes through communities, visitors may experience local culture. The Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges are visible from the hike. 
  • For architectural enthusiasts, the local temple of Prashar Rishi beside the lake, with its fascinating Himachali architecture, integrates nicely.
  • The views from here are spectacular. Triund, Dhauladhar Matterhorn, Kap Chuli, Man Hill, Hanuman Tibba, Sikar Beh, Mukar Beh, Manali peak, Friendship peak, Mukila, Ali Ratni Tibba, and other smaller ones can be seen from left to right.

Travel and Budgeting

  • We took the Volvo from Delhi at 8 p.m. on Friday and arrived in Mandi at about 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. We’ve reserved a package from Mandi to Mandi. So when we arrived in Mandi, there was a taxi waiting for us. It took us an hour to get to the Cafe where we ate breakfast and rested. The walk began about 10 a.m. and ended around 4:30 p.m.
  • We had nibbles and tea there, followed by supper at 9 p.m. We left Prashar at 10 a.m. on Sunday and arrived in Mandi at 4 p.m.
  • The total cost from Delhi to Delhi was 5000 rupees (including everything).

What Can You Do at the Lake?

Lake Parashar

  • There is practically nothing to do at the lake! You may enjoy the tranquillity, peace, and beauty of the valley around the lake. Rest your spirit amid the frigid mountains’ calm wind and whispered murmurs. 
  • Examine the vegetation and wildlife surrounding the lake. Relax and recharge your batteries from inside. In addition, there are a few things you may do and see while you visit Prashar.

Getting to Prashar Lake, Mandi 

  • By Air

The nearest airport to Mandi is Bhuntar Airport. Kullu is roughly 60 kilometers distant. The airport has direct flights to Delhi and Chandigarh. There are buses and taxis accessible from the airport to Mandi.

  • By Road:

 Mandi is connected by bus to major cities like as Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla. To go to Mandi, take a bus from Bagi, the local station near the lake. To get to the lake, you may use cabs or rent a vehicle in adjacent cities like Manali. The route is picturesque and in generally good shape.

  • By Rail:

 The closest railway station to Mandi is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, which is 55 kilometers away. Two passenger trains come to a standstill at

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