5 Popular Things To Do and See In Odiham

If you’re looking for something to do in Odiham, then read on! We’ve put together a list of the best things to do in the town. Whether you want to visit some historical sites or go hiking in the countryside, we’ve found some amazing places for you! All of these activities are within easy reach of Odiham train station (and less than an hour from London). Enjoy!

Visit the Jack Straw House Museum

The Jack Straw House Museum is a free to visit museum, located on the town centre. It’s open daily from 10am until 5pm and closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

The house was built in 1713 by William Woodyer who was a local builder and merchant in Odiham. He commissioned architect Edward Jones to build it as an impressive manor house which would impress visitors coming from London via the New Forest route (today’s A32). The original building was demolished in 1934 but much of its original features can still be seen today including 16th century plasterwork around doorways, windowsills and cornices that were imported from Italy at great expense during its construction period 150 years earlier!

This exhibition tells us about life inside this historic building before it fell into disrepair over centuries; from how people used rooms like parlours or bedrooms; through detailed accounts showing how servants lived on different floors below ground level while owners lived upstairs above ground level; up until films shown here show how films were made back then using primitive technology like cameras which had no sound recording capabilities but only recorded images onto spools which could later be viewed later when needed between shoots.”

See the historic church of St Mary’s

If you’re looking for something to do in Odiham, then the historic church of St Mary’s is a must-see. The Grade I listed building was built by Bishop William of Blois and it has been used as a place of worship since the late 11th century. It has also been listed as one of England’s top 100 churches by The Guardian newspaper in 2018 due to its architectural features including its tall spire and ornate stained glass windows which date back further than most other churches built during this period (around 1000 AD).

The church was originally constructed to serve local communities but today it only holds services on special occasions such as weddings or funerals due to lack of funding from parishioners who no longer attend regularly due to higher income levels elsewhere.

Go fishing at Odiham Lakes

Odiham Lakes is a great place to go for fishing. The lakes are located just outside of Odiham and can be reached by taking the A333, heading south from Basingstoke.

There are three lakes in total: Ashford Lake, East Chine and West Chine. You may also come across some other small bodies of water along the way, like for example Lower Norwood Pond or Little Leighs Pond (these two are not actually part of our list).

There’s no need to worry about getting lost here—just follow your nose! If you’re going fishing with friends or family members then we recommend taking a picnic basket with some food as well as drinks; otherwise there are plenty of cafés nearby where they sell hot drinks if needed (or beer!).

Explore Odiham Castle

Odiham Castle is a medieval castle in the English county of Hampshire. It is located in the village of Odiham, on the River Avon and was built by William de Warenne between 1069 and 1094. The castle was rebuilt in stone by Henry de Blois from 1116 to 1124, when it was passed to Geoffrey de Mandeville for his help defeating Henry I during his invasion of England. During his tenure as constable at Windsor Castle he built a new keep which he named ‘Odiham’ after his birthplace (Odiham being an area in Normandy).

The current structure dates from 1279-1282 with additions made between 1460 – 1470 by John Beaufort, 3rd Duke Of Somerset


  • What you will be doing:
  • Showing the map, giving directions and explaining the best way to get there.
  • Where you will see:
  • A beautiful countryside with rolling hills and fields, which is home to many different types of wildlife. You may see cows or sheep roaming freely on these fields, or perhaps a deer or fox if you are lucky! If you are looking for something more exciting then there are also plenty of places where people can go hiking or camping in the wilds around Odiham (and even further away!).
  • What you will learn:
  • How easy it is for people living here who want a good job but don’t have any qualifications yet because they’re still young enough not yet ready for full-time work where everyone needs experience before being allowed into their field.”

Traveling in Odiham with Odiham Taxis

Odiham Taxis are a great way to get around Odiham. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including getting from one place to another, or even traveling around town. If you’re looking for an affordable way to travel around the area without having to pay for public transportation and taxis can be difficult (and expensive), then look no further than the services provided by these wonderful companies!

The company’s fleet consists of both sedans and SUVs so there’s something for everyone! Whether you need someone who speaks English or not doesn’t matter; they’ll always be able to get where they’re going safely and efficiently!


There are many things to do in Odiham and the surrounding area, from a leisurely walk through the beautiful countryside or a fun day out at nearby attractions. If you’re looking for something other than playing golf then why not visit some of these great places for yourself?

We hope this guide helps you decide where would be best, whether it’s one of our top tips or something totally new!

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