Kashmir Cable Car is also known as Gulmarg-Gondola

KashmGulmarg Gondola is the second-highest Cable car in Asia. Which was built in 2005 as a pilot project to increase tourism. Cable Car is also known as Gulmarg-Gondola.

Latest and updated information for the Year 2023.

Its 500-700 meters only from Gulmarg parking. Do not let any guide misguide you . Open Map and go yourself its not more than 10 minutes of walk from Gulmarg Parking point.
It starts from famous Gulmarg as base camp then goes upto Mount Afarwat. It is divided into 2 parts Phase-1 and Phase-2. The first phase or Phase-1 pass can take you from Gulmarg base camp to Kongdoori hills and second phase or Phase-2 takes you further then from Kongdoori to Mount Afarwat.


The boarding time starts from 9 AM in the morning and till 3 PM in the afternoon. Afterwards the boarding procedure stop.


The ride of Gondola Phase-1 is divided into 3 Slots to avoid huge rushes at same  time.

The first phase has 3 slots which has to be chosen while booking your passes, and on the mentioned time the ride has to be taken outside your prescribed time  a fine of 500 is charged extra. There are three slots 9 AM to 11 AM which is called Slot 1 , 11 AM to 1 PM called Slot-2 and 1 PM to 3 PM Slot 3 for Phase-1 only. Each Slot has 700+ passes for Phase-1 and 1000+ passes for Phase-2.
Phase-2 has only 1 Slot from 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM which can only be boarded once a person has purchased Pahse-1 passes.

Prices :

For Gondola Phase-1 ticket the prices are 740 per person and some processing charges and taxes.
For Gondola Phase-2 ticket the prices are 950 per person and some processing charges and taxes.

     One can not purchase the passes for Phase-2 only. For Phase-2 ride , the passes for Phase-1 are mandatory because the ride of

Phase-2 boarding starts from the dropping point of Phase-1.  Any person or kid above the age of 3 years are charged as normal person. There are no discounts for anyone be it Senior citizen , kid older than 3yrs , govt official, influencer , participant , athlete etc , You can prebook your ticekts here.

Queue :

Its always recommended to purchase the passes in advance as soon as you know on which date you are planning to visit in Gulmarg. It is the main attraction there and you can expect a long queue of more than 100-200 persons in line at any time as there are 2000 passes issued daily for Cable car. There is no sure and perfect management. You should book gondola cars in the earliest slot and be in line early to enjoy more and get more time over there.


you can do activities like Sledging, Skiing, and SnowBiking, There are tea stalls and small kirana shops. The cost is also significantly more than what is at base camp than the MRP as it has carriage charges.
In Phase-2 there are no shops and nothing to buy over there so bring your own items.
Phase-2 is the better one than Phase-1 as it’s at a very high place.

How to buy Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car passes:

There are no Offline tickets or passes for the Gondola ride, it’s online only for ease and convenience so that there are no intermediaries. Passes are always recommended to buy prior to reaching to avoid unavailability during the high times of Snow and Summer. If it’s a big group of more than 10 persons it’s highly recommended to buy prior to avoid going into different slots. You can buy Cable Car Gulmarg Gondola Passes here for Phase-1 or Phase-1&2.

Customer Support :

9796-466052 only call them with extreme urgency or any immediate help only. Most and all of the info has already been given above.

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