Yummy, Tasty and Luscious Cookies For dear ones In Spain

There is a connection between celebration and sweets. We welcome our guests with sweets, observe festivals and occasions with sweets, and congratulate others with sweets. Sweets have also evolved with time. Currently, cookies have replaced them all and emerged as the winner.

The flavor and aroma of Cookies need no explanation. The blast of flavors when cookies melt in the mouth is ultimate. Cookies are so tasty and thoughtful gifts to send to your dear ones. Order cookies online in Spain to enjoy the traditional taste. If you are confused about which cookies to choose, here we have provided you with a lot of yummy and crispy cookie ideas.

1. Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are classic of all cookies. They are simple, crisp, and super delicious. Easy to make and available everywhere. As the name suggests, it melts like butter in the mouth. These butter cookies can be complemented with nuts and raisins to make them rich. These cookies are the first preference of many as they get baked without crumbling. So without thinking twice, send these cookies to your beloved.

2. Sugar Cookies

Sugar, butter, and flour are the basic ingredients of any cookie. It’s the ratio of each of them which creates the magic. These cookies hold their shapes well on baking. They are later garnished with sugar icing, sprinkles, nuts, and many more. Order this sweet gift to send to loved ones.

3. Choco-chip Cookies

Choco-chip Cookies guarantee to bring a smile to the faces of everyone. The combination of choco-chip and cookies makes it more appealing. These little dark choco-chips give a royal look to the cookies. They are among the most popular cookies worldwide. Either bake it or order online for close ones.

4. Baked Cookies

Cookies are all about baking. The art of baking is the key element of any cookie. These baked cookies can be customized in a large number of flavors ( chocolates, vanilla, almond, peanut, and many more). Even healthier options of baked cookies are also available ( oatmeal cookies, gluten-free cookies, keto peanut butter cookies, etc). Shop online and customize your cookies with your favorite ingredients.

5. Peanut Cookies

The taste of crunchy peanuts can also be experienced in the form of cookies. Who doesn’t love the taste of delicious peanut butter cookies? Peanuts are yummy, tasty as well as good for heart health. The flourless peanut cookies are gluten-free making them a healthier option. It can be eaten anytime which makes it an amazing gifting choice.

6. Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich cookies are known for their burst of many flavors at the same time. In these cookies, a filling is sandwiched between two thin cookies. The filling includes chocolate, cream, peanut butter, jam, etc. These mouth-watering cookies are worth giving as gifts.

7. Oatmeal Raisin cookies

If you wanna eat cookies without compromising on health-oatmeal raisins cookies are best. These cookies are rich in fiber and minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, etc. Other ingredients can be add-in like raisins and nuts to enhance the flavors. With the goodness of oats and raisins, these cookies can be given to a fitness and health freak.

8. Mantecados

These traditional Spanish cookies are easy to prepare and require fewer ingredients. These cookies are popular around the festival season and holidays. This shortbread is typically enjoyed during winter. This sweet is found in every household during Christmas. These luscious cookies are best to gift during festivals.

9. Lemon cookies

Why keep the cookies always sweet? Try out the tangy lemon cookies for a change. These soft cookies are chewy and super delicious. It’s the outer yellow coat of lemon used to create that tangy taste. It lasts long when stored in the refrigerator. Drizzle some lemon glaze on the top of the cookies and enjoy.

10. Salted Honey Pistachio cookies

These sweet and salty cookies are soft, flavourful, and tasty. They are prepared with brown butter, salted pistachio, and honey. These cookies are a healthier choice for non-cookie people. These unique cookies are easily available online. Shop and surprise your dear one with these luscious cookies.

11. Shortbread cookies

Made with a large amount of butter or shortening, these cookies are super, crispy, and luscious. These delicious cookies do not contain any baking agent, just sugar; butter; and flour in a 1:2:4 ratio. These cookies are largely associated with Christmas and festivals. Buy gift basket online full of cookies for your dear ones.

12. Almond cookies

Almond cookies are popular worldwide. They are part of cuisine and take many different forms across the nations. It comprises Spanish almendrados, qurabiya, and macaroons. The goodness of almonds enhances the taste of these cookies. The flavors can make anyone fall in love with these cookies.

13. Biscotti-Butter cookies

These Italian Biscotti-Butter cookies are crunchy, crispy, and twice-baked. The taste is irresistible and super luscious. They are low in moisture and have a longer shelf-life. The history of Biscotti goes back to Roman times. From then onwards it keeps on evolving, improving its taste and ingredients. These cookies can be presented to any cookie-loving person.

14. Spanish Polvorones

Spanish Polvorones are one among the classics of cookies. They are a popular sweet of Christmas. This shortbread is prepared with almonds. These are prepared with lard and can be flavored with lemon, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. They crumble easily in the mouth. Shop these cookies for your dear one in Spain.

Cookies are an integral part of our celebration. They are simple and suited for any occasion. Their popularity is best seen during the festival season. These small round packets of sweetness are connected with a lot of memories. Don’t wait for any occasion to enjoy cookies. Buy a gift basket online of luscious cookies for your dear ones far away from you. We are moved by joy and happiness when cookies are around us.

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