What you need to know about UAE attestation and the process

UAE is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia while having maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. a country surrounded by beaches and greenery has high GDP per capita rates. It is an economically and politically stable country filled with a tolerant population, always busy with a series of activities and events that makes it a suitable tourist destination.

Its main attractions are its cultural and historical aspects. It welcomes more than 1,000 people a year for architecture, culture, and trips. To get a UAE visa you need to get the UAE certificate attestation process done. This procedure ensures your documents are not forged which is necessary before entering the country.

Certificate Attestation for UAE is the procedure to prove your legitimacy as a person and that your documents are legitimate. You can then receive stamps from both your home country and from the embassy and be considered a permissible person. Certificate Attestation for UAE is mandatory if you want to travel to UAE for personal or professional reasons you require a visa.

Documents need to get their primary verification from the issuing State Home department, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and finally the UAE Embassy.

All the documents and certificates are required to go through various govt. departments of both the countries for their authentication after this step only the UAE Embassy attests to the documents proved for its legitimacy and legal use.

Travelers may believe that it is a simple process to obtain verification for their documents when traveling overseas. However, it is not that easy as certificates need attestation from different government offices, which can be time-consuming. The process includes running from one office to the next to get all the requirements for attestation complete.

To simplify the complications of the attestation process MEA and UAE embassies outsourced attestation services to attestation agencies to help make it easier for the general public to get documents certified by authorities. These agencies can make attestations more easily accessible. The attestation agencies have reached the government authorities which allows them to attain certification on short notice as well.

What’s the purpose of UAE attestation in Delhi?

The central objective when submitting documents to the UAE is to ensure it’s genuine. The UAE government imposes attestation as a compulsory measure to safeguard against illegal entry. It also has to be done if one wants a visa, job, or residence in UAE.

If you want to get a UAE visa, it may be easiest to find directions in the Indian capital city of Delhi. In Delhi, many agencies can assist with attestation, where you just need to search for the most helpful one. It is important to know that some of these agencies are not certified so make sure you find a reliable agency like Tourisa.

What types of documents will get attested in the UAE?

Three forms mentioned below are the primary documents required  for UAE attestation


Death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, medical certificates, and many more all need a certificate attestation to get a family visa in UAE.

Educational Certificates – 

To get an Employment Visa, work permit, or work allowance for the UAE, it is necessary to have a Degree or Diploma Certificate or other education certificate attested.

Commercial Or Business Related Documents –

Like Bank Statements, Product lists, etc. are essential for all UAE business aims.

The UAE document attestation procedure

The primary process comprises three steps:-

  1. State attestation from issuing states
  2. A Stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs, India.
  3. UAE Embassy Attestation stamp.

The process for attesting personal documents when in the UAE is the same for the entire country of India.

1. UAE Requests for Attestation

2. Home Department/SDM attestation in UAE

3. MEA Attestation Stamp

4. Embassy Attestation

UAE attestations process for Academics related documents is different for different countries or states.

Process of UAE attestation of Academic documents for the residents of Mumbai are

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. Home Department Attestation
  3. MEA Attestation Stamp
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation

In Mumbai, you can get documents attested by dependable certificate verification agencies and have them legalized for use in the UAE. They provide legal certificates and services that are comfortable and speedy so that you can be confident of their legitimacy.

The process of UAE Attestation for documents not originating from Mumbai is –

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. SDM Attestation
  3. A Stamp Attestation
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation

The process of UAE Attestation of Commercial documents is the same for all the states of India and is as follows:

  1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  2. A Stamp Attestation
  3. UAE Embassy Attestation

Is It Mandatory To Get Your Educational Documents Attestation For UAE?

To be eligible for a position in a UAE organization, you must have your education credentials attested by an Indian-origin government body. The employer or university you are going to join in UAE will require authentication of you and your documents before providing you with the invitation letter.  This is a legal requirement and will often require reciprocation. The Embassy of UAE has its way of handling the procedure which is lengthy and time-consuming.

The Process Of UAE Attestation Of Educational Documents:

  1. University/College Verification
  2. HRD Attestation
  3. A Stamp Attestation
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation

 The Attestation fees are different for different documents, any certificate may take a variable amount of days, depending on the different prices and requirements set by the applicant. It may take anywhere from five to seven working days or even more time.

The attestation service agencies like Tourisa provide 100% genuine and trustworthy services for certificate attestation for UAE and also help you procure a visa of UAE quite effortlessly with their top-notch visa consultancy services. Tourisa and their expert agents have experienced many years in the field and know all the in-depth information about the process. They will get you an easy and quick apostille service and complete the process on your behalf effectively. So to skip the reality full of complexities to get your hands on a UAE visa and certificate attestation effortlessly book your consultation with Tourisa today.

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