Top Best Desert Safaries in the world

If you believe that only mountains, beaches, and beautiful green woods can attract tourists, you should reconsider. Even deserts entice tourists and attract a large number of them. The glistening golden sands of the lovely deserts will seduce you. Desert safaris are an essential part of the desert experience. Imagine driving across a stack of golden dunes in a jeep/car and then riding a camel, doesn’t that sound exciting? The top desert safaris from around the world have been selected for you. 

Dubai, the Arabian Desert (United Arab Emirates)

This one allows you to explore the desert on the fringes of Dubai. Choose a sunset dubai desert safari if you want to get the most out of it. Ride a four-wheeler through the rolling sand dunes, dine at a safari camp, and enjoy a variety of entertainment options, including a very exciting belly dance performance set to Arabic sounds. The greatest time to visit Dubai and go on a safari is during the winter. So pick any month between October and April for this fascinating adventure. Dubai International Airport is the closest airport, from which you can just book a cab to the desert.

The Sahara Desert in Bahariya (Egypt)

 Egypt is well-known as a popular desert safari destination all over the world, making a safari in this desert a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. The medieval remains are no less interesting than the customary life of the desert. While the desert includes campgrounds, it also boasts luxurious resorts with modern amenities for lodging. Golden Mummies, hot and cold springs, and a saltwater lake serve as the desert’s crowning glory. October through March is the best time to visit this popular dessert. Cairo, around 220 kilometers away, is the nearest accessible airport.

Jaisalmer and the Thar Desert (India)

The Thar Desert is unquestionably one of the world’s most beautiful deserts. The sunrise (4-6 a.m.) and sunset (4-7 p.m.) are the most beautiful parts of the Sam Sand Dunes, which attract nature enthusiasts, vacationers, and photographers. You’ll also be able to attend various cultural events in the surrounding areas. The tourists are equally excited by the campfires and musical nights. Seeing several camel cavalcades will make you curious about the country’s raw culture. In February, it holds the Desert Festival, which features a variety of cultural events. The nearest airport is Jodhpur International Airport. 

Nevada’s the Black Rock Desert, USA

This is one of the world’s most unusual landscapes. To begin with, it is a mixture of lava beds and alkali flats. Second, it provides a wide range of activities for visitors, including wildlife viewing, hot spring bathing, outdoor training, trekking, and ghost town exploration. It, like other deserts, provides basic amenities such as bonfire camping, delectable food, and stargazing. It is accessible because the climate is pleasant for the majority of the year. The best months to visit are March to May and August to October. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is the closest airport, and it is accessible by car. 

Muscat’s Wahiba Sands (Oman)

Another stunning desert area that may be visited by automobile or camel is the Wahiba Sands. Safari Desert Camp is located in the Wahiba Sands, 25 kilometers from Al-Ghabbi in Bidiyah, in remote and tranquil desert terrain. Authentic carpets, premium beds, beddings, and other amenities are provided to guests in opulent camps. Without a spectacular bonfire, delectable treats, music, and heart-pounding dancing acts, the event would be incomplete. You can also unwind, sit next to your loved one, and stare at the twinkling stars. The safari is best experienced between October and March when the minimum temperature averages 18 degrees Celsius. The nearest airport is Muscat’s Seeb International Airport, from where you may fly to Dubai.

The Namib Desert , South Africa

 As you set off on your trek to the world’s oldest desert, be prepared for an unforgettable adventure. The Namib Desert’s backdrop is very picturesque and charming, as it is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the high interior plateau. There are uncommon vegetation and extraordinary fauna surviving here, including ostriches, antelopes, desert elephants, and gazelles, in addition to the surreal beauty and magic. Trekking is breathtaking as you walk across the desert and traverse the apricot-colored dunes. The unrivaled elegance of the lodges, the campfire layout, and the rising infinity pools will steal your heart again by the time you wish to get over the exuberance. Ancient San rock cave murals, hot air balloon rides, and other activities are also highlights.

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