Why Should You Not Miss The Dubai Safari Park?

More than three thousand animals, 78 kinds of mammals, including 10 carnivores and 50 reptile species, with a total of 111 species of amphibians, birds, and invertebrates. Dubai Safari Park shouldn’t be missed when you’re located in the UAE

Additionally, the park offers a variety of attractions and activities, for those who think it’s just focused on animals’. Learn more about the reasons Dubai Safari Park shouldn’t be missed.

The Dubai Safari Park in a Nutshell

In the area of 19-hectares and home to more than 3,500 animals, Dubai Safari Park tours 2022 has 78 species of mammals, including 10 carnivores from a variety of species, and 17 primates. There are 50 kinds of reptiles and 111 varieties of amphibians, bird species, and invertebrates.

There is also entertainment for adults and kids alike. It’s not an ordinary safari! The park is environmentally friendly, and its primary energy source is solar power.

 The park has replaced the famous Dubai Zoo on its 50th anniversary. On May 15, 2018, the park was shut down to make improvements and renovations, and the park is now open to the general public.

Covid-19 and the Dubai Safari Park

Although the world has returned to normal, we’re still living during an epidemic that is spreading across the globe. It is important to note that the Dubai Safari Park takes special measures to ensure the security of all visitors and employees.

The park has made significant changes to the overall design of the park, such as the automated thermal screening at entry points with touch-free ticket scanning displays that require wearing an eye mask at all times, penalties for non-compliance with the rules and regulations, an electronic map of the park, dispensers, sanitizers and so on.

 Dubai Safari Park ensures that everyone adheres to the proper safety protocols at all times, and has fun to the fullest.

 Only children under the age of three years old are allowed to stay without a mask at all times. When a group departs the bus, the park staff cleans and disinfects the area before the next group’s arrival.

 Staff members monitor all visitors, and no more than two people can be on the same bench. Everyone is expected to keep 2 meters from each other.

Interesting Facts about the Dubai Safari Park That You Probably Didn’t Know

  • Dubai Safari is fully environmentally green and totally powered by solar energy.
  • The new project will be home to a breeding program in the center for conservation that will aim to let animals go into the wild every year.
  • Dubai Safari is located in a valley. It includes a waterfall and a tower with crocodiles!
  • The park hosts many attractions and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, trains, and buses.
  • It’s about two times the size of the world’s most tiny country, Vatican City.
  • It is home to some rare species of animals that are cared for in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • It includes several themed areas, including one called African, Asian, and Open Safari Village and many more.
  • It is the biggest walk-through bird aviary in the UAE.
  • Dubai Safari has an underwater observation of hippos.
  • It also has a bird show as well as a live animal show.
  • The park also has a kids’ farm where kids can play and care for the livestock.
  • It houses one of the biggest reptile collections in Dubai and the first crocodile show that drives through.
  • It is the home of the only UAE drive-through hippo and tiger exhibit.
  • First White Lion pride on display to the public in UAE.
  • It’s the world’s largest drive-through lion show.
  • The only race for cheetahs in the UAE.
  • The first-ever drive-through crocodile show.
  • It is home to the world’s largest baboon population.
  • It is possible to experience an experience of a drive-through safari.
  • Dubai Safari Park is also home to the unique rhinoceros breed.

Explore the Safari Village

The luxury and comfort of the park are elevated to the next level. This Dubai Safari Park offers a drive-through experience for visitors and is ideal for families with an elderly child or for anyone who isn’t able to take a long walk.

 Visitors embark upon an unforgettable journey by taking a bus on the journey across ‘Africa’ and Asia to take in the incredible animals that are native to these two continents.

A Park for Sustainability and Conservation

There’s a lot additional to Dubai Safari Park than just wildlife. The park was constructed on a once landfill site, and it has completely transformed the space.

 The park is eco-friendly and has many green and sustainable technology, like using solar energy and recycling food waste and animal waste, which can later be used to create fertilizer within the park. There are recycling bins located across the entire park, for guests to utilize.

The park is also focused on protecting endangered species, and plans are being made to offer courses in zoo-keeping and veterinary and conservation courses to increase awareness of the conservation of wildlife within the UAE.

How Do I Reach The Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park Dubai Safari Park is located in Al Warqa 5, located on The Hatta Road. The most convenient route to access the park is through Al Awir. It is a Safari Park that can also be accessed via taxi.

What Facilities Are Here?

Alongside the many things to do, the park provides a variety of facilities to make the experience more comfortable for each guest. These include:

  • Restaurants and kiosks
  • Souvenir shop
  • Rest area
  • Help desks
  • Photography
  • Toilets
  • Baby changing rooms
  • First aid facilities
  • Separate prayer rooms are available for both female and male visitors
  • Park admission is free.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Schedule and Timings

Opening Hours:

  • Every day: from 9:00 am until 5 pm
  • Main gates are open from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm.
  • The final bus for safari travel leaves at 4:30 pm.

Show Timings:

  • Bird Show 11:00 am
  • Amazing Creatures of the World 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Birds of Prey show at 4:30 pm

Free Ticket For:

Children (under 3 years of age)

People of determination + 2 companions *(bring the SANAD Card)

Planning the Visit

Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes. Wear sunglasses, sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses. If traveling with kids, make sure you have the essentials for them.

 A typical trip to Dubai Safari Park takes around 3-4 hours. But it differs depending on the person. Food outside isn’t allowed. However, plenty of cafés and restaurants inside will ensure you’re full and hydrated.

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