When Business is Slow SMS Can Revive Engagement

Decreasing sales or less engagement is always a booster to your stress. This can take you into a state of problematic fiscal year. But there are steps that you can take to revitalize your prospects. 

How do you come to know your business is slow? What to do if it is slowing down? 

Here in this article, we give answers to all your questions. 

Signs that show your business is slowing down

We do panic at this stage of our business but before panicking one should confirm whether their business is slowing down. So take the following analysis before concluding.

  • Web or foot traffic is less as compared to usual stats. 
  • Downward trending of the sales or revenue.
  • Minimal or nonexistent cash flow. 
  • Overall growth has plateaued

When these signs are relevant to your business position then the business is slowing down. Some fluctuations in revenue are normal but a huge downfall is a red flag. Instant change in strategy is required to bring your business back on track. 

How can SMS help sales in the off-season?

SMS that is targeted and well-timed can help you bring back your sales. Also if you are not prone to slow periods you can leverage the business using SMS messages. 

The following methods can always help to boost your engagement. 

Offer Off-Season Specials

Sometimes the customers are so busy in their lives that they tend to forget about your business and this can cause a downfall in your sales. All that’s needed is a gentle reminder to bring back your consumers.

  • Brands can do this by offering non-seasonal offers to lure the audience back.
  • Sending Bulk SMS Australia that offers flash one-day sales can be highly effective in bringing back customers. 
  • One-day sales create a sense of urgency as it comes with a time limit and motivates consumers to make the purchase as soon as possible. 

Gear up for the busy season with early bird deals

Brands can offer early bird discounts to their customers. This helps to resist traffic during busy seasons and also brings balance when traffic is slow. Those who have made purchases due to early bird offer brands won’t have to worry about them.

  • Brands can gain extra cash in the short term and loyal customers when they look forward to next season by using, “sign up now and save offers”. 
  • Early bird offers are useful for business that depends on subscribers, multipass membership or season passes. 
  • Early bird offers help to create early bird messaging to generate hype for soon-to-be-released products. 

Work on Gathering reviews and testimonials

Online businesses become a success when they have trustworthy reviews as much as personal recommendations or a website full of honest testimonials is very essential. Brands can gather these proofs by contacting past customers via text messages. 

Remember that your text messages contain a direct link to the product review page. Brands will be able to gather plenty of original reviews of their products even without knowing it. 

Upsell and cross-sell existing customers 

When you have a list of loyal customers who usually purchase what you offer, use this information. 

  • Send messages to your customers and update them about the new products that have come into the business.
  • Using the data that is already available with the brands and businesses can help bring back the customers who have ghosted you. If their contact information is available with you it means you have their consent to your messaging service. 
  • Brands won’t have to make extra efforts to gather permission for sending messages to the consumer. 

Therefore it’s much simpler to make use of the available contact info to upsell and cross-sell to your loyal customers. 

Using the existing contact database to pinpoint who to retarget. From there, you might send customers who purchased an entry-level product or service a link to an upgraded version. Brands can send recommendations to purchase add-ons and complementary products. 

Educate Your Customers 

It might seem interesting to push your products via discounts on sales. However, sometimes better results can be achieved by taking a conversational approach. Not every message needs a call to action or a coupon. 

Sometimes an educational message that is relatable to your business is effective and brands can send such messages.

  • Special care instructions
  • Ways to better use the product or services.
  • New feature clarification
  • A new blog post full of information

Such messages help the consumers to be at the top of the customer’s minds and also 

show that the brand cares for its customers.

Incentive Referral

Even though brands already have contacts of their customers, to grow your subscriber list the best strategy is to grow the subscriber list. 

  • To do this, brands can reach their available customers via text message and encourage them to refer the product to their friends. 
  • Coupons, discounts, or reward points can be offered for referring to the friend. If your customers share the link with their friends they can benefit from these offers. 

This helps the brand to gain more prospective buyers and subscribers. Those who are coming to purchase your product because of the reference can promote your products.

Continue your business growth 

About 85% of smartphone users prefer phone calls over text. SMS is a highly preferred method of communication by consumers. Though many businesses have chosen the SMS marketing strategy for sending updates and promotional messages still SMS marketing is less common than you think.

  • One can use these messaging strategies anytime when business is slow. Also, this strategy can be used for periods of sluggishness. 
  • Now all that is needed is a way to send the text. Both for SMS and MMS solutions, SMS automation software and applications can be used. 

All this is now extremely easy to use SMS marketing to bring back your consumers during the off-season.

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