What Are Some Potential Investment Opportunities for Doctors?

As per NHS, “The basic salary of a specialist in the UK varies from £40,257 to £78,598 (per month).” At the same time, a practitioner or trainer may earn up to £34,012 (monthly). 

The statistics are pretty good. However, amid rising inflation and the high cost of living, doctors must be conscious of multiplying wealth. Life is unpredictable. 

One must ensure a wealth pot before retirement. It is the reason why some doctors work privately as well. Adding a few more pounds to the savings pot is another way.

Earning well subordinated with proper wealth management is critical for a risk-free life. Only a handful of medical practitioners and specialists invest. However, investing is the best way to build passive income. 

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Thus, the blog discusses some tested investment strategies to increase your net worth as a doctor.

6 Best Ways to Add More Money to Your Wealth Pot

You have the best property in the town and build up cash savings and insurance to protect your family from the unexpected. Are you building wealth? No. 

Here are some best ways that you can optimize your savings and double up your wealth:

Buying a Practice or entering a partnership

Multiple investment firms offer opportunities to doctors to buy in partnerships with hospital-based physicians. Some may join another doctor or specialist to take over the practice after some time. However, buying in requires a doctor’s sweat and blood. 

They can either save a lot of money or seek funding from other partners in the row. As a doctor, you can boost your retirement nest egg by improving as a practitioner and improving it as a valuable asset.

Investing in high-performing medical businesses

Another way of multiplying wealth as a senior-most specialist with 30 or more years of expertise is by investing in some top-performing medical businesses. The investment opportunities include:

  • Outpatient Surgical centers
  • Dialysis centers
  • Urgent care (emergency care)
  • Dental lab
  • Endoscopy centers
  • Supplement businesses
  • Online doctor prescriptions/ services
  • Medicinal centers
  • Practice real estate

These are some potential and passive ways to make income as a doctor. You do not need to move a needle. Just invest some in these.  Emergency care and Dialysis centers are the most convertible investments.

Leverage tax benefits

You can start with a basic ISA account (Individual Savings Account) to leverage tax benefits. In Stocks and Shares, one can invest up to £20000 per year. In this, you do not have to pay any tax on the income or capital gains.

Claiming a tax rebate as a practitioner or fresher can help one ensure deductions on expenses like – exam fees and college fees by 40%. For example, if you as a practitioner incur a fee of £5,000 in education every year, you can claim a tax rebate of £2,262.  That’s huge. However, one must qualify all the examination papers in a single attempt. If the duration of the course is long, you may

benefit from the situation. The longer the course duration, the more tax benefit you can claim.

Tax deductible benefits for NHS doctors

NHS (National Health Service) doctors specialize in treating common medical conditions. Their primary responsibility is to evaluate the patient’s condition and refer the best medical opportunity for treatment. In doing so, they must analyze the physiological, Psychological, and social condition of a patient.

As an NHS professional, there are different opportunities to build an income from tax benefits. Some of the opportunities include:

British Medical Association (BMA)

You can claim tax benefits under BMA by qualifying for some memberships and subscriptions set out by the governing body. Check the list by HMRC and evaluate whether your profession or the designation qualifies for the same or not.

Tax relief on professional equipment and Scrubs

Doctors may claim tax benefits on the scrubs or equipment they need for professional use in the workplace. For example, if you pay for any equipment at the hospital you work in, you could claim tax relief on these things.  The things you can claim tax money include- scrubs, stethoscopes, operating glasses, and footwear.

Training courses and textbooks

However, it may seem a bit of a lame thing, but you can do so. Before filing the claim, discuss it with a financial advisor. The reason behind this is – The tax rebate on courses and books has been a constant series of tension between HMRC and the doctors.

Yes, HMRC allows tax rebates on textbooks if it is an unavoidable part of the employment duties.  Apart from that, one can secure a claim for professional trips, course fees, and associated costs.

However, if you choose to cover educational fees and other costs on your own in the agreement, you cannot claim the benefits. You can cover up claims for up to 4 years of the educational years from HMRC.

Tax deductions against employment earnings

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Whether you are a practitioner or a specialist, check the list 3 posted by HMRC that contains all the benefits you may be subjected to. You may qualify for tax deductions at employment earnings by paying a subscription fee. You may be covered for:

  • GMC (General Medical Council)  fee
  • CCT Fee (Certification of Completion of Training)
  • MDU or MPS fee
  • BMA fee, only if you qualify for the membership or you have it

Syndicate investor

However, it may not be a profession-specific investment. It is a potential one to outgrow wealth. It is basically for those doctors and specialists who have a handsome income package and qualify as accredited investors. 

In this, a pool of investors works for you to invest in some best properties. You can divide investments purposefully instead of investing in one basket.  For example, you can invest £100000 in 10 potential investments. Real estate with syndicate investment is the best way to multiply wealth manifolds.

Bottom line

These are some potential ways that you can invest and grow your wealth pot as a specialist or a practitioner. Always ensure sound guidance before exploring any of these tax rebates and investment options.

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