The German health minister in move to boost use of COVID treatment Paxlovid

FRANKFURT, July 3, German health minister said on Sunday he would push for more prescriptions of Pfizer’s (PFE.N) oral COVID antiviral treatment Paxlovid by family doctors to reduce severe cases of the disease.

“will prepare a system involving family doctors to administer this far too rarely-used COVID life saver more routinely,” he wrote on Sunday, adding that sufficient stockpiles were available.

The pill, which won conditional European marketing approval in January, is given to infected people at high risk of progression to severe illness.

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In his tweet, Lauterbach mentioned trial results that the oral treatment course could cut the risk of hospitalization in the elderly by 90% when taken early after infection.

Pfizer said on Thursday that it is seeking full U.S. approval for Paxlovid, which is currently available under an emergency use authorization.

BERLIN, Germany is discussing security guarantees for Ukraine with its allies in preparation for a time after the war, but these will not be the same as for a member of the transatlantic alliance, German Chancellor Scholz told the broadcaster ARD on Sunday.

“We are discussing with close friends the question of the security guarantees we can give. This is an ongoing process. It is clear that it will not be the same as if someone were a member of NATO,” Scholz said. read more

The German health minister in move to boost use of COVID treatment Paxlovid

Deaths and intensive care treatments after COVID infections have been on the rise again in Germany since late June, driven by more infectious subvariants of Omicron, after falling steadily for about three months.

They did not find the drug to ease symptoms among younger adults. read more

On Sunday, German chancellor Olaf Scholz, a center-left SPD like Lauterbach, said he would not shut schools and non-essential businesses again if infection rates rose significantly this year, but that face masks would play a bigger role. read more

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