The Difference Between A High School Diploma And A High School Certificate

Even though the laws will vary from one state to another, you will find two common ways to complete your High School and get credit. One option is completing a high school diploma program, and another option is to receive a high school certificate. However, students, as well as parents, always get confused about this.

For both parents and students, it is crucial to understand the difference between a diploma and a certificate before they can choose high diploma schools or certificate schools. You need to keep in mind that both can have a great impact on the educational future of your kids. Keep reading to understand the difference.

High School Certificate

Speaking about a high school certificate, it is a high school completion certificate that is given after the successful completion of high school. However, it doesn’t mean that your kid has received a diploma or graduated. It also says that the students have not met the requirements important for graduation. It is also known as Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Achievements, and Certificate of Completion. It may be noted that students with a high school certificate are not considered graduates, and they may go for a diploma.

  • It says students have completed high school, but they didn’t meet the criteria for graduation.
  • Some requirements for this are very flexible, and you will not face any issues if your kid has an IEP.
  • A high school certificate can be accepted by employers or colleges based on the college and job requirements.
  • You need to keep in mind that if your child has a high school certificate, he/she may not be eligible to get federal student aid.

High School Diploma

A high school diploma is awarded to students upon completing their high school graduation. It is only offered to students who meet all the necessary things outlined for every state and school. Some major requirements for getting a high school diploma online include accepted passing marks, completing the required courses within 3 to 4 years, and more. Some important points that you should keep in mind related to a diploma are:

  • It proves that students meet all the requirements outlined for graduation.
  • Every student must clear grade-level English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, etc. Some high school diploma schools may require the students to clear the high school exit examination to get a diploma.
  • This is accepted by militaria, colleges as well as employers. Besides this, students can apply for federal student aid.
  • This is a special diploma that students get when they attain a better academic level. So, it proves that students’ performance during high school was amazing.
  • It is similar to the GED certificate.

Final Words

Understanding the difference between a high school certificate and a high school diploma is important for your kid’s future. If your kids have an IEP- Individualised Education Plan, then you need to think very carefully. Both these are different and also bring different results at the end of the school. However, for a better education, opting for a high school diploma can be a good option.

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