Make More Money With CTAs (Call-to-Action)

In this blog I’m going to show you exactly how to create the perfect call to action, CTA, for your affiliate, e-commerce, or service-based website. And I’m going to be backing this up with years of

psychological research and A/B testing data. You’re going to learn how to pick the perfect button color that’s going to grab the eyes of visitors that visit your website and how to write texts that gets the clicks.

I’m also going to be sharing the exact CTAs that I’ve A/B tested to get the best results. With solid CTA optimization, content marketing service providers can literally double your conversion rate, and I’m going to be showing you proof of that later. And my goal with this blog is to teach you how to do this so you can do it for your own website.

Beast Mode Talking About CTAs

Before I go into beast mode talking about CTAs, can you just say one second to smash the like button? No, really, it just takes one second. And once you do it, I promise to make these arrows stop cluttering the screen. Okay, awesome, let’s get rocking. The first and funniest thing to tackle when it comes to your CTAs is your button color. You need your call-to-action buttons to stand out from the background of your site. So my question for you is what color is your website?

If we look at my site,, you’ll see that the general theme of the website is green and I’ve chosen red as my CTA color because it pops off the page, you can’t miss it. How did I know to choose red, easy, Google the term color wheel, and you’re going to see a whole bunch of images that look like this image.

Color Of Your Website

Identify the color of your website, and then look at the opposite end of the color wheel to find your optimal CTA color, also known as the primary action color. This color will be both complimentary and opposite from your website and will pop off the page. So as you can see in my case, I have a green website and red is on the opposite end.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

I want to highlight the importance of having a single-color theme for your website. If your website looks like a bag of Skittles was dumped on it, then no colors are gonna stand out at all. Websites like these are a hot mess. Some tips for CTAs, avoid hot reds like this one, it’s just too abrasive to the eyes, and it makes it overly difficult to read the actual text on the button.

A red like this one is much better, as long as it works with your site. Also the opposite, but complimentary color to blue is orange. Many people have blue website themes, and unfortunately, orange isn’t the best-converting color, but you got to stick to best practices, so orange it is. What you can do is play around with the hue of your orange by split testing, which I’m going to show you how to do later.

Your Primary Action Color For Your Ctas

Now, once you decide on your primary action color for your CTAs, you’re never going to use that color anywhere else on your website. You want to make sure that the only time you use that color is for your call to action. This trends your readers to only take action when and where you want them to, namely when you’re making money, and this is called color discipline.

But what if you have multiple things that you want your visitors to do on the page? Let’s say your primary action is getting them to make a call and get a free quote, but you also want to invite them to read customer reviews if they’re not quite ready to pull the trigger.

Invert The Colors

Enter the secondary action color where you just invert the colors, it’s still going to draw the eye, but just not as much as the primary action colors. Easy breezy. You can also try an adjacent color in the color wheel, but now we’re getting back to a taste of the rainbow situation. So just do the inversion technique. Now, before I get into some concrete examples of CTAs I’ve tested that bring in the big bucks.

I want to give you some advice on how to write them yourself. Here are five tips for writing the words that go within your call to action. First, make it short and sweet. Generally, short phrases are going to outperform long phrases on the buttons. Second, make your buttons time-sensitive by using words like now and today, such as download now.

Free Is A Magic Word

If anything is being given away for free, like a free quote or whatever, make sure to mention that. Fourth, always include an actionable verb in the call to action. So free quote today isn’t going to perform as well as getting a free quote today. And fifth, you want to describe what the user will expect to get once they click. The CTA

on my homepage lets people sign up for a free training I have on affiliate SEO, and it’s been split-tested at least a dozen times.

It’s short, uses the word free, has an action word, get, and describes exactly what you’ll get when you click it. Now over the years, I’ve collected tons of calls to action that do extremely well in various categories, affiliate sites, e-commerce, local services, and lead magnets.

Let’s take a look, when it comes to affiliate websites, readers typically have two concerns that prevent them from clicking. First, they want to be sure that they’re reading a real review, and that’s all on you and your copy. But beyond that, they really just want to know that if they click that link, they’re going to get the best price possible.

Affiliate Websites

In this experiment, we were split testing this visit official website call to action that a client had on their site, not a bad CTA, at least it’s actionable and describes a result. We put it up against, click here for lowest price, which also conveys the benefit, saving money. As a result, all four buttons that we replaced on the page increased conversions.

Doubled Affiliate Earnings

In the lowest case by 85%, in the highest case by 283%. This client doubled their affiliate earnings with that simple tweak. But then we tested the new CTA versus a red version of itself, and increase the clicks by an additional 33%. This is the power of split testing, which we’ll get to later. Click for the best price or click for the lowest price are both amazing for our affiliate websites.

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But the jury is out on whether or not that’s legal for Amazon associates sites, depending on which Amazon employee you asked it may or may not be okay. So don’t take the risk and instead go with my recommendations for Amazon sites, check the current price or check the lowest price. The language on these CTAs implies that the price could change and you need to click to find out. For funsies, I want to show you the worst call to action possible.

Feast Your Eyes On This Thing, Why Is It So Bad?

Especially because it’s been generated by Amazon. Well, first the reader doesn’t need any information anymore, they know the price, they know where to get it, and guess what? They don’t need to click anything to find out, they’ll go buy this product when they’re off work and have more time. Second, it doesn’t even look like a button. Third, a 4-cent discount? Now I wonder why Amazon would create a button like this.

Another example of a bad one is this learn more button, really? Didn’t I just have to learn about this product by spending five minutes reading this review? Now you’re telling me I need to learn more? No, then we have this other check price and availability on the Amazon button, which is great for Amazon.

Amazon Written On Your Amazon Ctas

Never tell someone where they can find something because they don’t need to click anymore once you do. The jury is also out on whether or not you need to have Amazon written on your Amazon CTAs, but as far as I know, there’s no enforced requirement. Now I know I’ve been pooping on Amazon a lot, but when it comes to making e-commerce CTAs, there’s no better model to look at than Amazon itself.

Their yellow add-to-cart buttons pop off their navy blue pages, super actionable, short, and sweet. The buy now button is straight to the point and uses time sensitivity, and their buy now with one click button is the same thing on steroids, instant satisfaction. For local, service-based websites, here’s a list of my favorites.

Free Personalized Quote

Get a free report, book a free consultation, get a free inspection, and get a quote in one minute. With the exception of the last one, all include the word free. Why? Because it works. Now, if you have email lead magnets on your website, which I recommend everyone does, even affiliates, here’s what I recommend.

First, your best call-to-action placements are typically in the middle of the content, with what’s known as an inline button, and the text here needs to fill up the button, otherwise, it just looks weird. So break the short and sweet rule, keep it benefit-driven, and use all the trigger words. Now I just gave away a ton of effective CTA, but the truth of the matter is if you want to move from an A to A+.

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