Keyboard Wrist Rest: This Is Why Professionals Use It

Whether for work or fun, we spend many hours in front of a computer. That is why it is important that our body does not suffer the consequences of poor posture. The keyboard wrist rest is a complement to the ergonomic measures necessary to avoid injuries.

More and more people are complaining about body aches and it is no longer enough to just have a good chair that keeps us sitting well. Improving the position in which the hands work will help the rest of the body suffer less.

Important Note

  • The keyboard wrist rest is an ally to avoid chronic injuries due to poor posture.
  • Adapting the workspace ergonomically can increase performance and productivity.
  • The benefits of using a keyboard wrist rest are instant.

What is a keyboard wrist rest?

This is a non-slip base that sits in front of the keyboard . This offers a point of support for both wrists while working on the computer. In this way, the hands maintain a more natural posture, the blood flow works better and the forearms do not make unnecessary efforts, which relaxes the neck and shoulders.

In addition, the platform distributes the pressure exerted on the median nerve of the wrist to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Maintaining the correct posture becomes difficult after several hours in front of the computer. Therefore, this accessory becomes essential to avoid injuries that can become chronic.

The best keyboard wrist rests on the market: Our recommendations

In the market we can find various keyboard wrist rest options that are suitable for different needs. Regardless of the activity we carry out or the time we spend on the computer, the use of this accessory is decisive for good performance. Below are our recommendations.

Pro Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Razer Full Size Keyboards

Pro Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Razer Full Keyboard. Leading brand in gaming products. Compatible with all keyboards. With non-slip base. The cushion is viscoelastic foam with cooling gel. The good quality material does not deform over time and resists the weight of the hands.

Ideal to spend several hours playing. The cooling gel guarantees comfort and freshness. The hands are aligned to the keyboard in a more natural posture and without sweating.

Best keyboard wrist rest for work

HAUEA keyboard pad + mouse pad. The keyboard palm rest is filled with high quality memory foam. It adjusts to the weight of the hand and ensures that it does not slip. The mouse pad is made of gel and the mat provides security of movement.

The smooth surface provides support and comfort. It is best to spend many hours working or writing. Helps relieve pain and eliminates the tension of the hands. High-quality padding ensures long life.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Keyboard Wrist Rest

Until recently, it was believed that simply maintaining a good posture in front of the computer was enough to prevent injuries. However, now we have more elements that help the body’s well-being without having to reduce the time with the computer. Below we answer the questions that arise about the keyboard wrist rest.

What is a keyboard wrist rest for?

The wrist rest fulfills the function of giving the body posture greater naturalness. In the same way that the mouse wrist rest helps keep your wrist and forearm from overworking, it keeps the blood flowing from both arms properly while working on the keyboard.

It goes a long way to prevent injuries.

At first it was only used as a resting base, since it was believed that the hands should be suspended in the air, on the keyboard while the fingers typed. However, maintaining an acceptable posture for a long period of time becomes difficult to sustain. So supporting the wrists while working is more effective in avoiding damage to the median nerve.

Also, the rest of the body works more relaxed. The neck and shoulders receive less tension and pain due to contractures or poor strength disappear.

Why use keyboard wrist rest?

One may think that spending hours working or playing on the computer does not take much effort. However, static postures and repetitive movements present greater difficulties for the body than we know.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury that is generated by the constant pressure of the median nerve, this nerve is responsible for the sensitivity and mobility of the thumb to the middle finger and part of the ring finger.

A study carried out in 2018 by the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (citation), determined that active breaks, with exercises in between, are not enough to prevent injuries ( 1 ) . Therefore, the use of devices that help maintain a natural posture can be an ideal complement for the health of the hands. This is why the use of a wrist rest is essential for any computer user, regardless of time or activity.

How to use a keyboard wrist rest?

It is important that the keyboard is positioned in such a way that the arms do not force the posture. That is, not very stretched or shrunk. The keyboard wrist rest should be placed within a few inches of it. This will depend on each user, according to the comfort and size of the arms and hands. The beginning of the wrist should be slightly supported so that it does not remain in the air while writing.

The benefits of using a keyboard wrist rest are seen almost instantly. Even when lesions are already present, symptom relief is evident from the first few uses. Comfort is felt in the arms, shoulders and neck. There are no contraindications in its use.

Is there an alternative to the keyboard wrist rest?

As an alternative to the keyboard wrist rest, we can find:

  • Portable Wristbands: This is a wristband that is tied to each hand and can be carried anywhere. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable, as it is worn all the time and its weight can worsen existing symptoms, such as pain.
  • Pads: they are made of fabric and are usually filled with microbeads of various materials. It comes with options with therapeutic herbs to relieve existing injuries. They are not ergonomically approved and do not last very long.
  • Keyboard Mats – Provide a nice work surface with a comfortable touch. Some come with small keyboard inclines, but they don’t have the height required to prevent injuries from holding your wrists in the air while working or playing.

Purchase criteria

When it comes to buying a wrist rest for keyboards, it is important to take into account certain issues that will make its use a better experience.


We can find wrist rests of various materials. The most used are viscoelastic foam and gel. Most of them already come with a non-slip base to avoid unwanted movements or accidents on the desk where we work.


The size of the wrist rest that we choose will depend on our keyboard. We can find two sizes:

  • 46.5 cm and above: for full or 100% keyboards, which are those that have the numeric keypad included.
  • 35 or 40 cm: it is for those smaller keyboards, which do not usually have the numeric keypad.

It is important that the wrist rest is suitable for the size of the keyboard so that the hands can work more comfortably by sliding across the entire surface and avoiding unnatural postures that lead to the injuries that are being avoided.


Ergonomics is responsible for studying how to adapt the human being with the environment. And it is in charge of determining the rules for preventing injuries caused by poor posture when spending many hours in front of a computer.

Generally, in work environments, workers are cared for and they are provided with the necessary materials and accessories to avoid injuries. However, when we are at home it is a little more difficult to pay attention to these customs.

In a study carried out in Peru in mid-2020, 110 university professors were observed who were forced to telework due to the measures of the Covid-19 pandemic. And a prevalence of injuries due to poor posture was found to be 100% ( 2 ) .

That is why we should not mistreat our body regardless of the activity we do. The keyboard wrist rest is a great ally and the benefits of its use are immediate, since the difference in terms of body fatigue is noticeable from the beginning. Many users agree that after use, it is difficult to stop using it because of the improvements that the body presents from the beginning.


When it comes to buying a wrist rest, it is important to be clear about what we are going to use the computer for.

  • Typing work: If the work being done is related to writing only, both hands will remain static while the fingers work. So the wrist rest has to be comfortable for a single position, always looking for those that have a straight shape without curves.
  • Artistic works and design: it will require that one of the hands goes from the keyboard to the mouse, so it must be a comfortable surface, but that allows the back and forth of the hands. Some wrist rests come with a slight curve that makes it more comfortable when you move your hand from side to side. And it is important to pay more attention to non-slip materials.
  • Gaming: Regardless of the game, it’s going to require quick and agile movements. In such a case, the wrist rest has to adapt to the speed of the hands. Pay attention to the coating to have a comfortable and smooth surface. The base has to be mostly non-slip.

The variety of coatings that we can find (fabric, rubber, imitation leather) can make the difference between each use. However, you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.


As we have already said, it does not matter what function we give to the computer. If our idea is to spend hours in front of it, it is important to adapt the space to avoid problems that can become chronic.

Keyboard wrist rests are a true ally to improve our workplace and the fruits of their use are immediate. Have you decided which wrist rest to use?

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