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Kashmir, India’s most beautiful valley, is a place that every single one of us must try to visit once in our lifetimes. The Kashmir Blog provides you with all the correct information you require to make an informed decision about traveling to Kashmir, among the most stunning places on earth! Discover Kashmir’s timeless beauty, its picturesque highlands, its scenic drives through verdant meadows, and its tranquil lakes through this travel blog about Kashmir.

Make arrangements for an incredible journey to Kashmir, the idyllic you must discover. The Kashmir tour website will provide you with information about Kashmir’s tourist attractions, hidden gems, and culture. Discover the local culture, savor the regional cuisine, sip Kahwa chai, and engage with the community to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Let this be the place where you can unwind and unwind while enjoying a steaming cup of Kahwa chai and taking in the stunning view of the Jammu and Kashmir valley. By reading the Kashmir tour blog, you can live these life experiences and turn them into reality. Kashmir won’t let you down and will mesmerize you with its natural beauty and welcoming people.

January’s weather in Kashmir

Before we go any further, allow us to describe the climate in this haven in January. The Kashmir valley is fully covered in a sheet of pearl-white snow from December to March, and the temp decreases below zero. The best time to travel to Kashmir is in January if you want to see snowstorms, as this is undoubtedly the best time to do so. In the winter, you can participate in a variety of snow sports, including skiing and winter sports.

The Best Moments We Had within Kashmir in January We’d like to share some of our most memorable moments with the readers. Be sure not to miss anything in Kashmir:

  1. Ride A Shikara On Dal Lake

2. Gulmarg Ropeway Ride

3. Snowstorms!

4. Four nights and 5 days total.

Routing: Srinagar Local Sightseeing on Day 1 of Kashmir

Individuals will be met by one of our representatives when they arrive at the Srinagar airport and transferred to a hotel or homestay for check-in. Users start taking a shikhara ride on Dal Lake in the afternoon and stop at the open Dal Lake and floating vegetable gardens. There are many possibilities for bird watching while traveling on a shikara, with species like the Kingfisher, Tiny Bittern, Common Pariah Kite, Grebe, and others. Dinner and a hotel or houseboat stay the next day.

Day 2: Local Sightseeing in Srinagar

After an early breakfast, we go on a morning tour of the Shankaracharya Temple. It is thought that Shankaracharya, a great saint, and philosopher, stayed there during his ten-century visit to Kashmir to resurrect Sanatan Dharma. The brick roof is less than a century old, and the initial roof was shaped like a dome. And then continue on to Hazratbal Mosque, which is a spotless white marble structure that reflects in the lake’s waters and is located in a neighborhood on the western coast of Dal Lake exactly reverse Nishat Bagh.

Day 3: 96 kilometers (2 to 3 hours) from Srinagar to Pahalgam (7200 ft.), on a trip.

Leave for Pahalgam, also known as the “Valley of Shepherds,” after an early breakfast.

On the way, stop by the saffron field, the Mutton Temple, and the 19th-century Awantipura Ruins. Enjoy nature and stroll along the river lidder’s bank. Pahalgam is well-known for a few trekking routes and serves as the Nath Pilgrimage base camp. Pahalgam is renowned in the Indian film industry as well (Bollywood). Can one visit Chandan Wari, Aru, and the Abnormal condition Valley for sightseeing (On their own)? Yield to Srinagar, dinner, and a hotel or homestays stay the night.

Day 4 – Srinagar (excursion to Gulmarg) – 54 kilometers, one way, in one and a half hours

After breakfast, depart from your hotel or houseboat and travel to Gulmarg, also known as the “Grassy field of Flowers,” which is 8,825 feet above sea level. In addition to having one of the best 18-hole golf courses in the world and a very well-known country club in the summer, Gulmarg also has a ski resort in the winter. One may ride a gondola (Cable Car on their own). After supper, return to Jammu and Kashmir where you can spend the night in a hotel or houseboat.

Day 5: Depart Srinagar The tour comes to an end.

We appreciate your business and will make arrangements for a prompt transfer to the domestic airport so you can board a flight for your next location.

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