Hospitality courses after 12th in 2022


There’s no substance that all scholars should take medical or non-medical courses after completion of their advanced secondary examinations (12th Standard).

In this moment’s period, when there’s so much competition among scholars for getting admission to the top- notch institutes across the country, there are certain scholars who could n’t make it to that position.

So what’s the career and employment compass for those scholars? Should they conclude for courses related to the medical and non-medical fields from poor- quality institutes that have low academic quality and poor placement records? The answer is No! In our content, we will be agitating for a course that has huge employment openings yet isn’t related to the medical or non-medical field. Good professionals will find it enough readily to score decent- paying jobs after completion of hostel operation courses.

The courses in hostel operation Courses after 12th are programmed to train scholars in the field of hospices and tourism. There’s enough compass to gauge the stairs of success if you have the eventuality to rise in the hostel operation sector.

We’ll try to dissect each course and cover critical characteristics similar to subjects, eligibility criteria, the time duration of the course, and compass of employment.

Eligibility for Hotel Management Courses After 12th:

There are no specific criteria to acquire admission in hostel operation after 12th. But if you want to pursue hostel operation courses from a good council, the minimum eligibility can be counted as 50 marks in total in the 12th standard minimum 50 marks in 12th standard from a honored state or central board.

·        Scholars can conclude for degree programs, warrants, or instrument courses in hostel operation.

Degree programs are generally (3- 4) times of time duration whereas parchment and instrument programs can vary from many months to two times.

·        In order to get admission to govt hostel operations, you have to clear the common entrance test whereas there are certain private universities that have their own entrance test. The aspirant should be at least 17 times of age.

·        To mileage of Maids programs in hostel operation, the seeker has to clear entrance examinations like AIMA, UGAT, NCHM JEE, IIHM & CHAT.

·        Other entrance examinations that can deliver admissions to the top universities in India include IPU CET BHMCT, Oberoi Step in, UPSEE BHMCT, and IHA.

The top- notch universities that have good academic and placement records are IHM Guwahati, D’AIHM Chandigarh, IHM Delhi, IHM Bhopal, IHM Bangalore, SIHM Kozhikode, and SRM IHM Chennai.

1. Institute of Hotel Management Pusa

2. Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai

3. Welcome group Graduate School of Hotel Administration Karnataka

4. Institute of Hotel Management, Maharashtra

5. Institute of Hotel Management Bangalore

List of Hotel Management Courses:

scholars can pursue a degree, parchment, and instrument courses in hostel operation. For the time being, we’re listing bachelorette’s degree programs for hostel operation courses After 12th.

1. BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)- 4 times

2. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)- 4 times

3. B.Sc in Culinary trades- 3 times

4. BBA Hotel Management- 3 times

5. B.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology- 3 times

6. B.A in Hotel and Event Management- 3 times

7. B.Sc. Hotel & Hospitality Management- 3 times

8. B.Sc in Hotel and Catering Management- 3 times

9. Maids in Hospitality Management- 4 times

10. B.Com. Parchment in Hotel Management Catering Technology and Tourism- 3 times

Entrance Examinations for Hotel Management Courses After 12th:

Generally, there’s JEE( Joint entrance examination) that’s conducted to pursue a course in the hospitality and tourism sector which is conducted by National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology( NCHMCT).

We’ll try to define other entrance examinations that you can crack to apply for admission to colourful hostel operation institutes in India.




4. GNIHM spurt

5. National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination (NCHMCT JEE). 

Career and it’s Scope:

Hotel operation is an assiduity that’s taking over the transnational request at a rapid-fire growth thanks to globalisation. This field has an outspread area of employment compass in India and abroad.

With multitudinous big and small hospices opening every day, the demand for well- trained hostel operation professionals is adding encyclopaedic ally therefore making it a plutocrat- timber and worthwhile profession.

A career in hostel operation isn’t just limited to hospices and caffs, it can extend to colourful areas like Forest Lodges, Clubs, Airlines and Cabin Services, Guest Houses, Resorts, Railroads, Banks, Shipping Companies, voyage vessels, pavilions,etc.

Following are some of the job biographies in the hostel operation assiduity:

·        Servants.

·        Administrative Cookers.

·        Floor Supervisor.

·        Front office director.

·        Food and Beverage Manager.

·        Marketing & Sales Manager.

·        Restaurant and Food Service Manager.

 These are a many of the in numerous job biographies in the hostel operation assiduity. So if you follow a hostel operation career, the chances are extremely high of a high- paying job and a better life.

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