Govt plan CoWIN vaccine program for the universal again.

The Union government is planning to repurpose the CoWIN platform for India. Universal Immunisation Programme and other national health programs. at the same time, it was continuing with its current function of recording Covid vaccination and issuing certificates. The vaccination record under the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) is now maintained manually.

Govt Plans To Repurpose CoWIN Platform For Its Universal Immunisation  Programme

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Under the Universal Immunisation Programme, the government provides shots for 12 vaccine-preventable diseases

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“Once CoWIN is repurposed to include the UIP:

The entire vaccination system will become digitized. thus tracking beneficiaries and facilitating real-time monitoring, Co-WIN, chief and CEO of the National Health Authority Dr. R.S. Sharma told PTI.

“It will do away with the hassle of keeping a physical record. Once the immunization program is digitized, beneficiaries will get certificates on the spot. They can also download it. These certificates will be stored in Digi-lockers,” he explained.

The Universal Immunisation Programme is one of the largest vaccination projects in the world. aimed at protecting children and pregnant mothers from preventable diseases.

The government provides shots for 12 vaccine-preventable diseases, such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, and hepatitis B, for free.

Stressing the importance of an integrated immunization information system. an official said it helps in the effective management of vaccination programs at the national, state, and district levels.

The data is available at the individual level. it can be collated at the population level. for making them available for those involved in framing public health policies, the official said.

“Since Co-WIN has proved its worth in COVID-19 vaccination. the decision has been taken to bring UIP under the ambit of this platform even as recording. Covid vaccination on the portal will continue,” the official stated.

The other national health programs. which may be included in the portal include family planning, and child and maternal health, among others. Dr. Sharma said efficient record-keeping helps create an evidence base that helps in planning effective interventions.

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