Escape Rooms – An Evolution: Hareesh Mothi, CEO, Breakout 

The world of escape rooms continues to change and evolve, coming up with new and advanced escape room games. People around the globe enjoy playing these games with their friends, family, or coworkers. Escape rooms have become a popular destination for hosting private parties and events.  

Many escape room ventures have come up across the country, offering live-action and interactive adventures. You can find escape room games based on various themes like mystery or suspense to even horror-themed games. Out of all the escape room companies in India, Breakout Escape Rooms is a popular escape room in Bangalore.  

In this article, we will take you through the origin of the Breakout Escape Rooms in Bangalore. So, come on, check it out: 

What is Breakout? 

Breakout is a famous escape room gaming company centered in Bangalore. The brand offers immersive movie-styled escape room games for players to enjoy playing together. The escape rooms provided by the brand expose players to tricky challenges.  

Each escape room game at Breakout Escape Rooms stands on a unique and authentic theme. By exposing players to the center of the action, these escape room games allow players to be the hero for the day!    

Escape room Breakout – A Brief Overview  

Know the CEO: 

Hareesh Mothi is the CEO of Breakout and founded the escape room venture in 2015. On his travels to Poland during his HP stint, Hareesh experienced the escape room games for the first time. He played the game with one of his colleagues and was almost immediately thrilled with the concept.  

Hareesh worked as a finance professional earlier, wherein he helped transform prospective businesses and took them to immense heights. He soon realized how he could have a transformative impact on different people.  

Hareesh enjoyed how the escape rooms allowed him to bid goodbye to all his ties with the world outside and concentrate only on the game. Following his exciting gaming experience in Poland, he traveled across twelve countries, trying other escape games.  

Know how the brand was conceived: 

Hareesh realized how most of the escape rooms tend to fall flat when it comes to the games’ narrative. With the same thought, he decided to curate his brand and offer movie-styled escape room games. Hareesh culminated his immense love for solving mind-boggling puzzles and intriguing riddles by giving birth to his escape room brand – Breakout.   

Know the critical aim of Breakout: 

Breakout escape rooms work on the philosophy of offering players novel gaming experiences, bringing together people under one shared roof. The games provided by the brand seek to add value creatively and interactively. The company aims to curate escape games based on a fun and inclusive environment, such that players across diverse age groups, gender, ethnicities, and location can enjoy the game.   

Know more about the brand: 

Breakout transports players to the center of the action and challenges them to race against time to escape the room. The brand works efficiently to ensure the quality and diversity of the escape room games.  

You can find both in-person as well as online escape room games. Each of the escape room adventures offered by the facility is realistic. The escape games at the venue use graphics, 3-D representations, or even recorded sessions to provide players with a compelling experience.   

Know about the brand’s plans: 

The brand started in 2015 and, in the past six years, has hosted 100 thousand+ players! Breakout now has three experimental locations spread across the country. The player enjoys playing the escape games at the facility, helping the brand secure 4.8 stars with 4,000+ reviews.  

Breakout plans to expand its reach to about 20 cities in the coming two years, offering immense value to corporations and even organizing birthday parties.   

With time, Breakout has grown its reach and offered immersive entertainment to players across diverse age groups. Have you tried out the escape rooms at Breakout yet? 

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