8 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Stylish With Extra Accessories

Your bathroom might just be one of your favorite places to unwind, but it’s also one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate. But we’re firm believers of the idea that good style doesn’t necessarily have to carry a heavy price tag. While you may not be looking at splurging on a new vanity mirror or a whole new shower or bringing out the sledgehammer to tear down your walls, there are numerous ways you can make your bathroom feel luxe without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, it’s possible to make a few small changes such as introducing paintings, chic decorative accents, storage solutions, rugs, and mats to make your bathroom design-forward and stylish.

To help you kick off your much-needed bathroom edit, we’re spotlighting some chick bathroom accessories that are bound to completely elevate your space without needing an overhaul:

1. Basic bath accessories

We always say; that if you don’t get the basics right, the extra fluff just doesn’t matter! So, before you go ahead and grab a sleek gold vanity mirror, invest in the basics first such as a bathroom soap dispenser, tumbler, toothbrush holder, and a soap dish. Ensure you get them in a style that complements the tone and mood of your space.

2. Medicine cabinet

Your daily meds or moisturizer might need a new home! Take a close look at your medicine cabinet. Is it run down, tarnished, stained, or just too outdated? Even if it’s brand new, do you think it sticks out and doesn’t do anything to complement your space? If yes, then it’s time for a change. You won’t believe how simply replacing the medicine cabinet with a more modern, sleek option can make a difference.

3. Shower curtains

You don’t need a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper to refresh your space. Liven it up with shower curtains – a super affordable and easy way of adding some style and panache to your otherwise

dull and drab bathroom. With eye-poppy colors and a range of prints to choose from, ditch the old boring curtain to bring a touch of glam into your space.

4. Toilet brush and holder

Does a toilet brush really matter? Unless you want to be greeted by a tacky, out-of-place-looking cheap toilet brush, then it’s time you seriously considered investing in more chic options. From sleek white toilet brushes and holders to those in metallic tones; you’ll be amazed at just how many aesthetically-appealing options you can find.

5. Storage bins and containers

Shaving creams, razors, soap, perfume, body butter, creams, brushes, scrubbers, and lotions; the clutter that hounds your bathroom could be astounding i.e. if you leave it so. Invest in smart bathroom countertop storage bins and containers that can keep it in order. There are several uber-cool transparent bins with dividers that can keep your essentials organized and easily accessible.

6. Racks and caddies

Cut out the clutter, and keep your items neat and organized by investing in the right accessories. From hair combs, cotton pads, shampoos, and conditioners to lotions, your bathroom might house too many items to be lined up on your side ledge. Instead, install corner racks, or caddies to make the most use of space and keep your space looking neat. There are tiered shower shelves, turntables, sliding basket organizers, open bins, over-the-door racks, hooks, and more to choose from.

7. Rugs and mats

A worn-down or unkempt bath rug is a sure-fire way to make your bathroom look untidy. Replacing with a new one will certainly do the trick, but why not take it a step further! Replace terry cloth mats with Turkish or Persian rugs or opt for rugs that have beautiful prints or bold solid colors instead of playing safe with white. Simply swapping out your rug can add a whole layer of personality and sophistication to your bathroom.

8. Theme it right

Just because something looks cute, it doesn’t mean it will look good in your bathroom. Decide on a theme, and stick to it! If opting for white, go for subtle neutral complementary tones when buying bathroom accessories. If you’re looking at a more fresh, nature-based theme, opt for more plants, and green and black tones. Introducing a sleek gold vanity mirror into the mix will just kill the mood. Stay true to your theme, and the rest will fall into its place.

8. Accentuate

It’s not just your living room or bedroom that deserves to be decorated. Don’t shy away from investing in décor pieces for your bathroom! It can be something as simple as decorative scented candles, to accent pieces such as vases, picture frames, or sculptures. Keep in mind the fact that these items will be constantly exposed to water and moisture, so opt for pieces that won’t deteriorate in such conditions. Paper, fabric, wood, etc are a strict no-no!

What did you think of some of these ideas?

With a few additions, some cool bathroom accessories, and by making small changes, you can transform your drab bathroom into a stylish space without splurging on a renovation.

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