I’ve decided to come up with any ideas I could come up with. Have the best New Year in Goa since emails are pouring into me asking about it! Goa is a well-known party destination. And there is an influx of tourists who come from overseas, but also all across India. The rush is a nightmare and costs skyrocket. I will share some of my tips for Candolim Beach water sports in Goa on New Year’s Eve. So you can get an enjoyable night. 

The New Year’s Eve

New Year in Goa is a fantastic experience. We have been to Goa several times and it’s one of our favorite memories. There is a celebration all over and the beaches are bursting with life! We have listed the most popular places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Goa/New Year’s celebrations in Goa or the best beaches in Goa for the start of the new year. 

There are numerous ways to greet this new year with Goa. You could go to an evening Beach party. You can dance the night away until dawn! Enjoy a barbeque in the heart of the ocean. Have a party on your cruise vessel! or just lounge at any beach and take part in the party. Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve in Goa we suggest that you go for it.


There is chaos on these narrow, winding roads. There are many areas where cars aren’t allowed to go, so you must stop the vehicle and wait for it to leave. With the traffic jams on New Year’s Eve or other days, people don’t consider moving and are generally in a standoff. Then there’s more traffic and the situation is essentially halted because of stupidity. 

Because of these circumstances, it’s best to stay on scooters or a scooter. Which is a great way to get around the traffic, or take a taxi that will let you leave and walk your way. In Anjuna beach, people have actually abandoned their vehicles during rush hour and then it’s an absolute disaster.

2. Pick one spot and then remain there:

There is chaos in the traffic, therefore it is best to get out early and then stay. Prices for entry are quite expensive even during NYE, so you may want to consider paying just one cover. At the very least, a couple can cost approximately the amount of Rs 2,000 or even 3,000. If you’re the only person. Drinks could also be more expensive. If you’re the only person attending the party. So you’ll be paying more, while couples will pay less. That’s because it’s not just a gathering of people!


If you’re not already booked, do it! Prices go up by so much. You are able to check Agoda. Which typically has the lowest rates for accommodations in Asia. Also, to reside in Goa Take a look at my list of budget hotels and boutique hotels However, I’m certain that they’re booked. Sure, try Airbnb if you’re in a group. Here are 14 great Airbnbs located in Goa that is suitable for all budgets. If you go to Airbnb, you could save up to 40 percent off your reservation with my link.If you’re creating a new account. Make sure to select an Airbnb that has only some reviews.


Hilltop is most likely to be the most well-known trance event during New Year’s Eve. I’ll embed a YouTube video below so that you can get a feel for what the atmosphere is like. You can also reserve Hilltop prior to the time online. Most events here will be trance-based, but you’ll also discover house music(1 believe it’s the house? ) at Chronicle & Waters. 

The Famous Clubs:

Club Cubana, Cinque, LPK, Club on Tito Lane, Club Fresh, and other such clubs will be packed and will probably charge around Rs 2,000. If you want to stay near the ocean, such as Curley or Shiv Valley, you can also explore beach huts. 

Most parties will last well into the next day and around 10 a.m. a lot of people head to the hilltop for an early morning party to end the night. There are lots of little cool parties but they usually don’t say where until the date approaches. I suggest checking out to see the NYE flyer and choosing where you want to party.

5. DON’T Drink and drive Don’t drink and drive:

To be honest, I probably won’t be able to walk away from these NYE. Over the years, I’ve been at least a few hours in the air. It was great, but the return trip from the airport is about thirty to an hour (without congestion) and it’s not a great way to finish an exhausting night. I’ve also been to NYE in Teso. When SOMA had parties, I do not think they’ll be having one this year. 

Last season, I ended up going to the house party for trance which was not my style. (I do not like trance music. And I sat on the road long ages. So, Ben and I have decided to stay clear of NYE completely this year.


The roads in the city are narrow, full of potholes, and speed bumps. The ones that aren’t noticed until it’s late. There are high-risk drivers and drunk drivers making the roads even more dangerous. In addition, police outposts are set up across the city. And they’ll stop you at random and take every car they want. There are also undercover police dressed in plain clothes at parties. 

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