Advertising a product is very important for a business to grow exponentially but it is also necessary to find an effective strategy that works for your brand and the product. There are multiple tactics that the businesses use in order to advertise their products such as the utilization of facts and figures about the product, latest trends in the advertisements, promotional advertising, customers reviews to name a few.

Among these, promotional items are referred to as something that is viewed as perfect for giving gifts to the customers. It can be given to the business partners, sellers, vendors and any other business connections. Furthermore, promotional products are often used in the events like award ceremonies, competitions, exhibitions and many others. It is an effective and efficient marketing strategy to keep your standing in the industry. It helps to expand the audience and customers and ultimately to increase the sales. 

Why is it necessary to use promotional products?

Promotional products are used for giving the experience to the consumer so that they should have an idea about the quality or comfortability of the product. It assists in forming a memory for the consumer whenever they use the promotional product they will remember the brand. Promotional items are also helpful in promoting the name of the brand.

When these items are viewed by other consumers at stores they will instantly recognize the name of the brand and want to buy the product because of the prior experience. Enhancing credibility is another aim of the promotional item. The loyalty and credibility of the product is experienced through the regular use of the promotional product which will consequently influence the purchases of the brand.

In this article, we have rounded up five promotional items that you should definitely utilize for your next marketing campaign. Here goes the list.

Custom printed shirts

Custom printed shirts are one of the best promotional items that a small business can use to its advantage. A company can print its logo and design on the shirt and give it to the audience and customers in events like competitions, game shows, contests and exhibitions. When people wear those printed promotional t-shirts with your brand logo it will be an advertisement of your business at different places where ever the customer will go.


Bags are used by almost everyone when they go out. For bags, I am not only referring to the handbags but other bags such as tote bags, cardholders, sling bags, shopping bags or even wallets can come in this category. Just as the customized printed shirts bags will also become the promotional advertisement for the company.

Personal utilization of such bags will keep the brand in minds of the people. Apart from these bags, passport covers, tags for bags can also add value to the services that the brand is providing. These bags will help the customer while traveling or going out on a vacation. 


For enhancing the exposure of the brand, high-quality accessories can be used as promotional items by small enterprises. Daily use accessories like watches, sunglasses, earphones, Bluetooth speakers etc. are among the things that can increase the chances of brand exposure. When these promotional items are used by the consumer on the daily basis, they show them to their surroundings or people around them which helps to validate the authenticity of the product.


Considering the weather in winter, umbrellas are very important for people. Even if it is summer, an umbrella is a useful product in every season. In summer, it saves people from the scorching heat of the sunlight while in winter it keeps the consumer safe from the direct rain or snowfall.

It enables your brand to be seen in the outside world for the complete 365 days of the year. Apart from this, there is more space on the umbrella to print in comparison to other accessories. So that, the logo or design or the name of the brand is quite visible for the people. 

Stationery items

Using stationery items as a promotional product is the old strategy to grab the customers but it is still being used to advertise the product and the brand. Pens, scales, calendars, diaries, and planners are some of the stationery items that are almost always in front of the eyes of the targeted audience.

This means that these things are a continuous reminder of your brand name. By giving notebooks, diaries and sticky notes as promotional products you will have enough space to write about the specifications of the product including facts, taglines, motivational quotes, etc. But when you go for the pen, pencils or other small items you may not have that much space. So it is better to opt for the first one.   

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